Relax your Body, Quiet your Mind, Renew your Spirit


 Created in one of the first holistic health centers, the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, Ca, this intuitive and creative oil massage integrates body, mind and spirit. It combines techniques from different approaches of bodywork -such as Traditional Swedish massage, Trager and Shiatsu.

Its long, fluid, slow, nurturing, soothing and rhythmic movements provide a deep state of relaxation of body and mind. Each session will answer your needs of the moment, whether it be releasing muscular tension, alleviating stress, balancing energy, relieving pain…or all the above!

For a deep feeling of wellness and relaxation, unwind with this soothing experience as calming as the rhythm of the ocean waves.

Note: This massage can also be suited to your needs for a deeper tissue treatment focusing on the areas of tension; or integrating Reiki/Chakras Balancing as well.


ESALEN MASSAGE: 60 MINUTES   $120.00    90 MINUTES   $170.00

Swedish/Deep Tissue: 60 MINUTES   $125.00    90 MINUTES   $175.00

inquire for special DISCOUNT on multiple sessions purchase!